About Me

This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this:

Creative Critique. Non-conformist. Contrarian. Unpretentious. These words do explain a part of the individual that’s me. I contribute my characteristics to the ‘free’ up-bringing I have had – where I was made to grow my own crop of thoughts, concepts and ideologies. I strongly believe that God has made me an academician for a reason – communicate for change.

I believe in an individual’s potential to affect change. One needs to think differently to be able to bring out about paradigm shifts. I am a strong believer in the habit of reading, as reading has made me better at analytical thinking. an equally vital source of learning for me has been – PEOPLE. People and the situations in which we interact with them are large reservoirs of learning and information. I always look forward to enriching interactions with people across all forum.

I am appreciated for being a ‘go-getter’, energetic and passionate in my endeavours, a tough task master with a pinch of humour, and most importantly, integral and honest. I would not like to be impressed easily, as I strive for excellence and expect the same.

I am a management educator. We live in a world of consumption, and marketing not only touches and influences, but I daresay, it determines the way we live LIFE. Marketing covertly decides for us. And I am fortunate to have been associated with this field. With a humble experience of a little more than a decade, I am inspired to embark onto a journey of giving back something to the society. I see myself as an influencer and a contributor to the surrounding.

I justify and credit my knowledge to various factors – a family that thrived on independent thinking, the habit of reading at a very early age, management and marketing education, my background of science, my role as an academician, the ‘one-of-its kind’ city of Surat; and certain tweaked and twisted personality traits (best left undisclosed) to add a bit of spice and flavor.

I believe in attaching myself to the journey, as it is my faith that the journey can be enjoyed no matter what. It is only the obsession with the outcome that has the probability of pain. The journey is neutral, impartial. I conclude by offering myself as a value proposition – it’s a condition I always set upon myself – I shall deliver more benefits than the cost incurred for those benefits. This is my second nature across all spheres – personal, social and professional. I have learnt this from nature and that is what I aim to imbibe.

…or something like this: